Insupposable Instruments

Insupposable Instruments

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Poisoned Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Lij might be the City Of Wonders, but it is not the only place in Rûl where wondrous and powerful treasures can be found. Indeed, all across the continent one can unearth fantastical items, mundane and magical. From the worktable in a tinker’s shop to the scores of neatly labeled bottles crowding the shelves of an alchemist’s lab, the people of the Empire and beyond prove indefatigable when it comes to transforming raw materials into useful and interesting forms.

Insupposable Instruments catalogs a host of new items to add to your Shadow of the Demon Lord game. These peripherals can be found in dusty street markets or shady back alley deals, by grave digging or dungeon delving. For ease of use, each listing is separated into a category of item type.

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