Beware the Tides of Karshoon

Beware the Tides of Karshoon

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An adventure for expert characters by T.S. Luikart

In Gateway, the oldest city in the Northern Reach, a dead pirate’s vengeful curse has seized a poor neighborhood in a fearful grip. The people of Bilgewater have been beset by many ills, including mysterious thefts and unexplained occurrences. The recent destruction of a school by a rogue wave, including the loss of its students and teacher, was a devastating blow to the neighborhood. Worse still, folk have been torn apart in broad daylight before screaming witnesses, their bodies devoured in bloody chunks by invisible demons.

     Beware the Tides of Karshoon is an adventure for a group of expert characters called on to deal with the curse. The characters must uncover the source of the troubles plaguing Gateway and put a stop to them—but all is not as it seems . . .

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