City of Dreams

City of Dreams

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City of Dreams reveals Edes, a city once famous throughout Rûl for its fantastic artistic, academic, and aesthetic achievements, now thought to be little more than a den of drug addicts wasting away in sloth and mayhem. The City of Dreams has become instead the Dreaming City, whose foggy streets are an apt metaphor for the addled minds of its innumerable lotus-smoking inhabitants, living out their lives, such as they are, in a near-permanent trance state of illusion and hallucination.

In this Lands in Shadowsupplement, you'll find details on the history, geography, and politics of Edes, as well as the sinister forces at work seeking to bring the City of Dreams to its knees. Using the content presented here, you can make Edes a backdrop for adventures you create, or even the central feature of an entire campaign to rescue, or maybe even destroy, the city!

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