Dark Deeds in Last Hope (Starting)

Dark Deeds in Last Hope (Starting)

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A Starting Adventure by Robert J. Schwalb!

Dark Deeds in Last Hope is an adventure for starting characters. As with all starting adventures, it provides the origin story for the group of characters that will venture into the world and fight against the encroaching darkness. Unlike other starting adventures, this one provides a bit more guidance to help novice Game Masters get their start. However, any GM interested in kicking off a new campaign will find this adventure a great starting point.

     As citizens of Last Hope, the player characters find themselves drawn into a tangled plot that involves the efforts of a scoundrel working to pilfer a valuable relic from the local temple and the mayor’s disgraced son who has been dabbling in dark magic. As the characters investigate the plot, they must find ways to work together and overcome the myriad challenges in their path. If they succeed, they will forge the bonds of friendship and the trust they need to carry them on to even greater adventures.

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