In a Pig's Eye (Godless Starting)

In a Pig's Eye (Godless Starting)

  • $ 1.49

Old folks tell children of the scary stories of Hog, a flesh-eating goblin who lives deep beneath the earth. For those who believe the stories, Hog is a nightmarish figure who dispatches blind mutants to the surface to harvest meat and other supplies. Some who have scoffed at the stories discovered their error much too late . . .

In a Pig’s Eye is an adventure for starting characters who find themselves as dinner guests of Hog. This adventure puts the characters together in a dangerous scene, develops their origin story, and provides them with reasons to band together. The characters complete this adventure when they escape to the surface.

Written by Andrew Follett (Tombs of the Desolation) and illustrated by Jack Kaiser, this adventure is a perfect way to kick off a campaign in the Godless universe!

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