Kingdom of Skulls

Kingdom of Skulls

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A dire realm ruled by the dreaded Dark Lady, the Kingdom of Skulls controls a bleak landscape infested with ghouls, undead, and Gog's vile descendants. Few have ever dared approach this land, let alone venture beyond its borders, but in these desperate times, some believe that escape from the annihilation promised by the Destroyer of Worlds might be found in this most unlikely of places.

Kingdom of Skullsdetails one of the most inhospitable realms on Urth, revealing the mysterious Dark Lady, her lands, and the people who live under her fearsome rule. Whether you intend to use this Lands in Shadowsupplement as a setting for an adventure or as the backdrop of an entire campaign, Kingdom of Skulls presents a grave threat to the crumbling ruins of civilization, one whose time might very well be at hand.

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