Odd Monsters (Monstrous Pages)

Odd Monsters (Monstrous Pages)

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Monstrous Pages for Shadow of the Demon Lord!

From the hills and mountains come the boggarts, a monstrous breed of savage and violent people, weird in form, disturbing in their awful desires. Odd Monsters dives deep into the lore of this strange breed, examining their origins, lairs, motives, and more. In addition, this Monstrous Pages entry includes rules for adapting boggarts and presents three killer variants: the elusive boggles, brags that can transform themselves into ordinary objects, and the magic-using bugganes! Written by Robert J. Schwalb, author of Shadow of the Demon Lord, and illustrated by Pat Loboyko of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fame, this supplement gives you everything you need to deploy these hideous monsters in your games!

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