Of Gears and Ghosts

Of Gears and Ghosts

  • $ 1.99

By Mark Carroll with Illustrations by Roena L Rosenberger

Of Gears and Ghosts explores the inner workings of the Guild of Engineers: the Gearsmen of Lij, their Great Works, the arduous process needed to become a Gearsman, and the deadly secrets that form the literal foundation of the Guild. Their machinations, both physical and political, have repercussions far beyond the borders of Lij. They might hold the key to the salvation of Rûl or prove to be its damnation.

     First, the Gearsmen must overcome the consequences of their rise to power, the treacherous politics of Lij, and the rising tides of evil that threaten to tear down everything they have built in the centuries since fleeing to a place that accepted their bizarre ideas and eccentric magic. The Guild of Engineers is mighty, but will that strength prevail against the Demon Lord?

     Wind the mechanism, fire the boiler, and let the powers of Technomancy join the battle for the fate of Rûl!

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