SotDL Freeport Companion (Print)

SotDL Freeport Companion (Print)

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The Shadow Falls on Freeport!

For years, Freeport has been one of fantasy gaming’s most distinctive cities, a riotous city filled with pirates, orcs, and vile cults. More importantly, Freeport has always been a door to adventure. And now, Freeport comes to the world of Urth and the Demon Lord who threatens to unravel creation. The Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion provides you with all the rules you need to take your adventures to the high seas! Inside this book, you’ll find:

Details on the various ancestries found in Freeport as well as rules for playing undines and serpent people

New expert and master paths, such as the courtier, mariner, and mystic navigator

A selection of new spells including saltburst, summon fleshraker, and inscribe the Yellow Sign

New siege weapons, special substances, and ships

Rules for voyages, ship-to-ship combat, and underwater adventuring

New relics such as Revenge and the Fountain of Fortune, as well as legendary vessels

Tons of characters to help you bring the city to life

A bestiary loaded with strange creatures such as the accursed hand, deep one, and fire specter

A massive adventure to help you explore Freeport and kick off your Freeport campaign!

The Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion takes horror fantasy to new horizons, with new enemies, new threats, and even more madness than before. So climb on board and make ready to set sail. A new world of adventure awaits!

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