The Devil's Due

The Devil's Due

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People disappear. Trade caravans fall prey to monsters, bandits, or natural disasters. Would-be mages push their understanding too far and are annihilated by forces they didn’t anticipate. Secret good fortune leads people to vanish into the night to seek greener pastures.

     Some people, however, are stolen.  Infants robbed from cribs, travelers lured off the path with tricks or gifts, lovers and agents are recruited, and terrible retribution is meted out for slights both great and small. For idle whim and deep passion alike they do this, but one obligation unites most faerie kingdoms: every seven years, Hell demands its tribute.

     The Devil’s Due details the Hell Tithe and provides inspiration and tools for bringing it into your adventures in a variety of ways. It includes a discussion on the ways in which faeries go about stealing lives and numerous random tables to inspire ideas for your own campaign.

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