The Flute of Farewell (Expert)

The Flute of Farewell (Expert)

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A Poisoned Pages Adventure for Expert Characters by Steve Dee

The Children of the Second Gathering are a cult made up of faerie folk, their kin, and mortals who believe the elves did not abandon Urth forever and will one day return to gather the ones left behind and ferry them to the hidden kingdoms. A small cult deemed foolish by mortal and immortal alike, a collector of rare antiques named Sammandria Jann stumbled across a relic the cult members would kill to get their hands on—and that might kill them right back.

The Flute of Farewell is an adventure for expert characters in which the characters are hired to deliver the flute to the cult and bring payment back to their employer. Things become difficult when not all of the cult members want to pay and, worse, when the flute’s original owner comes looking for it. The characters complete the adventure after confronting the devil summoned by sounding the relic.

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